Dec 29, 2007

Very good presentation on learning 3.0

It links learning design with the possibilities we have today. Nice presentation.

Education Podcast Network

On or Education Podcast Network you can find a nice collection of educational podcasts by category. For example: subscribe to a podcast series to learn a second language (like

Learn how to be a dad

You can learn anything, right? Even how to become a good dad... I think this one gets my prize for most unexpected e-learning theme of the year: go to the site for modules in multiple language on the 9 most important things you need to know as an almost-dad (like how to make a bottle, change the baby or hold it).

Dec 21, 2007

Know Knowledge or Connectivism

You can find a good article on the book Know Knowledge of George Siemens and connectivism on Clive on Learning Blog. Knowledge is not only what is in your own head (luckily :-) ). It is also what is in your network: what do your friends and connections know? What does the network know (, google, etc)?

BTW You can download the book freely on the Knowing Knowledge page as a PDF file.

Dec 20, 2007

Lots of links to trial software for training

This page at LearningCircuits has a long list of links and descriptions of trial software for training and content development.

Dec 7, 2007

e-learning for kids

Don't know what to spend for Christmas? Why don't you donate to the global non-profit foundation e-Learning for Kids. The free site hosts 80+ small modules to help kids learn via the web. Didn't work well in Firefox and had some javascript errors in IE, but the modules are very nice and suited for the intended audience. ..

Dec 5, 2007

Communities of practice and learning

An interesting interview with Etienne Wenger on Communities of Practice, web 2.0, social software and learning on the site:

A quote:
"Of course, emerging technologies are affecting communities of practice, and especially more recent developments in social software. It is interesting to note how aligned the peer-to-peer nature of web 2.0 technology is with the way learning takes place in a community of practice. This alignment is remarkable. It has given rise to a lot of interest in communities of practice because it has enabled all sorts of communities that would not have been possible in the past"

Dec 3, 2007

Free versions of older Camtasia and SnagIt software

Techsmith is the company that makes the popular e-learning tools Camtasia (to capture the screen in a video) and Snagit (to capture screen images). They have started to give away old versions of their software for free. I think that is a great idea. I've tried it, and got two license keys in my mailbox. Best of all, getting this free software entitles you to upgrade to the latest version at a 50% discount if you would need the latest features.

Article on free Snagit:

Article on free Camtasia Studio: