Apr 25, 2009

More new learning on the cheap: yAuthor.com, GoView,

As they say themselves: yAuthor.com is an on-line service with authoring tools allowing authors to create professionally looking interactive content easily. There. It's a beta project of Young Digital Planet (I believe they are in Poland.) As other emerging authoring tools (udutu, unison, ...) this one is completely online and will create you the things you wanted to create a few years ago: courses with tests and multimedia, downloadable in SCORM format ready for the LMS. Don't get me wrong, I see A LOT of potential for these tools, especially combined with collaboration features for the extended e-learning development team. And these tools WILL lower the bar for e-learning creation with cheaper tools. BUT it is still optimizing the kind of learning we were wild about three years ago. This is still the wiseguy(s) making a course of all things that you need to go to after you find it first.
I have not made a course with yauthor, but it looks well designed and easy to use. Might be a winner.

Another classic in e-learning is screen recordings for application training. I've posted earlier about new, online tools to let you capture your screen and upload that to a site for sharing. GoView is another one that is in beta. This one is backed by a big one: Citrix.

Great instructional design with action mapping and the e-learning blueprint

Cathy Moore is a freelance instructional designer that coined the action mapping approach. She has now a great online tool for instructional designers that is easy, to the point and valuable: the e-learning blueprint. You can see the first pages for free, the rest works via a subscription model. Take the tour here.

Apr 20, 2009

Visual thinking: the way of the whiteboard

Very inspiring talk by Dan Roam on 'the way of the whiteboard'. For example he has a 6x6 rule to picture anything in 6 aspects based on how the brain processes vision.