Mar 22, 2007

Learning Dashboards

Companies want to be able to manage the learning function just as any other function or business. Therefore, CLOs need relevant data to base their decisions on. One way is to construct a learning dashboard.
According to Jeffrey Berk in a recent article (Designing and Delivering Learning Analytics Dashboards), there should be 4 categories of data available in such a dashboard: operational, financial, performance, cultural.

  • Operational
    • Number of students trained / training hours performed
    • Usage rates of instructors, e-learning
    • Average class size
    • Completion and cancellation rates
  • Financial
    • Cost per student day
    • Learning as a percentage of payroll
    • Development budget
    • Productivity and ROI
  • Performance
    • Satisfaction (level 1)
    • Test scores
    • Time-to-competence
  • Cultural
    • Average hours per employee
    • Management support

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