Jul 30, 2007

What works: strategies for increasing elearning usage

How do you make elearning work? What can you do to promote it, and to make it more effective? According to a Corporate University Exchange study e-learning dropout rates stand at about 70% as compared with 15% for classroom. I believe 30% e-learning dropout is a common figure in corporations. The dropouts don't say whether that is because of the poor learning, because of a mismatch or because the learner found what they needed and quit. Regardless of the reason, here are 9 tips Brandon Hall gives to make e-learning work better:

  1. Talk to your audience - and share the results
  2. Pay attention to culture
  3. Be specific in your marketing
  4. Find e-learning champions
  5. Get learner's managers involved
  6. Brand your program
  7. Don't stop with the launch; keep communicating
  8. Tie e-learning to consequences
  9. Give learners enough time and space to do e-learning

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