Nov 8, 2007

Use to find voice talent

The times of expensive 250$/hour audio studio recording is over. Nowadays you can include voice in your courses or learning podcasts at much more reasonable prices. Use for example the site The site is an intermediary between you and thousands of voice talents. The site doesn't charge you for its use and lets you set up a project and get quotes and demo's from voice talents. You can also search the database for a particular voice.


types of psychology said...

nice blog thanks for the info

Stephanie Ciccarelli said...

Hi there,

Have you checked out is home to over 15,000 voice talent and offers a job posting service as well as a handy search engine and category search (television commercial voice actors, voices for film, cartoons, telephone, etc.)

Perfect for producers, agents and people who need to find the perfect voice for their project.

Thanks for posting on voice over,