Jul 17, 2008

Masie survey on how employees learn

The Masie Consortium did a survey on how employees learn. You can read some findings here:


Some of the points I remember are:
- People like the fact they have multiple options on what, how and when they learn. There used to be only a class. Now there is also tutoring, e-learning, social networks, the internet, etc.
- But people also get the feeling that with more options, they actually get less time for learning.
Looks like corporate learning is shifting to 'more freedom but in your own time'.


Janet Clarey said...

Hi Bert-
Your post made me think of a newspaper article I was reading last week about a self-service economy.

The columnist wrote about doing everything for herself at the airport except patting herself down for fluids.

There are so many other things that have been outsourced to us. Self checkout, print your own insurance cards, refill prescriptions, etc.

More options = more work for us. There is more interacting with the computer - in life and in learning.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janet. I like the concept of things being 'outsourced to us', never thought of it like that

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