Oct 18, 2008

Last lecture - how does that work in companies?

You probably have seen the famous last lecture video of prof. Randy Pausch. It really was his last lecture as he was diagnosed with cancer. If you have never watched it, I encourage you to do so. (Why are the brick walls really there? - If you screw up and nobody bothers to tell you any more, that's when you are in a bad place - etc) .

I was wondering how you can bring a concept of giving your so-called last lecture to the workplace. Giving your last speech gives you the freedom to throw away all what doesn't matter and speak from the heart on what you find is most worthwhile. Could we have a 'last meeting' for people leaving the company? I bet they'd have interesting things to say, and good advice to give. Or a 'last email' to the company when you move on? Would it work?

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