Nov 28, 2008

Does learning value shift from content to context?

Interesting thought. Just read the article:

From the article:
In a recent research report from a global corporation, I read the following
provocative statement: "In the age of free content, the future (and the money)
is in context." Hence the question: Is this the emerging reality and what does
it mean for the publishing industry?
Nobody can deny that the production of
quality content has significant costs attached to it, especially for
peer-review, quality control, author compensation, versioning, marketing, etc.
Looking at educational content, the requirement of a "facilitated context" via
teachers, tutors and co-learners comes up immediately. A free "content object"
by itself may not be of much value. However, when integrated into a well-
orchestrated learning process as its context, it may be very powerful.

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