Jan 6, 2009

More readings on learning in an economic downturn

Interesting post on the blog of Harold Jarche.

Quotes from the article:

Too many people in the training department make the leap from a performance issue (lack of skills, abilities, knowledge; lack of access to appropriate data and resources; etc) directly to training as the only solution. This is the wrong approach and the most costly. Even the CEO may play into this, with statements like “We have a training problem” and no one challenges that statement. There is no such thing as a training problem.


I, for one, do not regret the demise of the L&D function. Perhaps our profession will wake up and start helping the organisations we serve.
We in the training field might indeed all too often think training is the answer. Training might very well not be the best answer, or the most cost effective. Ouch, it hurts.

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