Dec 18, 2009

Conference replays : Learning 2009 and Learntrends

Around the new year, there is some more time to look up from our busy busy projects and jobs to what is happening in learning land. That's probably why that is also the conference season for a lot of learning conferences. Traditionally, I only visit one conference in the flesh: Online Educa Berlin. But I've attended some others 'virtually', as they post replays of their sessions for free on the web. I wanted to share those:

- Learntrends: this was a completely online free conference done by Jay Cross, George Siemens and Tony Karrer. Replays for most sessions at the learntrends site.

- Learning 2009: This is Elliott Masie's conference in Orlando every year. He posted some video of the major sessions too. Go here.

If I don't find the time to blog before Christmas: have a merry one.

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