Mar 25, 2010

Generation Y and beyond: there is no life after 35

As an add-on to my last post on the generations talk: a study by Jeugdonderzoeksplatform reveals that youngsters all want the same thing. Their perceived life path will not take them on a world trip or alternative life or a career head start. Basically they plan to have their first sexual intercourse at 17, first job experience at 22, leave the house at 23, get married at 25, and have their last child at 34, shortly before the peak of their career they situate at 35.
And there it stops, so there is no life after 35? (I'm being melodramatic because I'm turning 36 next April 18, do send me a present :-) ).

I don't remember how realistic my life path was when I was 16, but employers do need to worry about the expectation to peek professionally at 35. "Homo Competens" wise, I'd say you may peek at your first career after 5-10 years, but you'll have other careers before you retire. You would think the networked generation would realize that...

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