Dec 29, 2006

3C From content to e-content

The ELEC project (supported by the European Social Fund and coordinated by the BE-ODL) has published a booklet 'from content to e-content'. It is currently available in Dutch, but soon also in English and French.

The booklet gives very clear explanation and many examples on how to transform classical learning content to web-delivered learning content. It lists the tools and sites that can help you. It has tips on making multimedia suitable for web-learning. And it has a glossary to get familiar with all that e-learning jargon.

What strikes me is that after some search the authors decided to go with the often critisized but still standing ADDIE model for e-learning development: Analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Evaluation. This methodology is almost equal to that of application programming. In fact, an e-learning course IS a bunch of interactive web pages, making it a web application on its own. Sure, it doesn't have the complexity of a portal, but the project structure and steps are similar. It's a good analogy to compare the creation of e-learning with that of tradidtional software. Many people (at least in my sector) are familiar with the latter, and it will shape their expectations better. Anyway: ADDIE has a lot of critics and a lot of the critisism makes sense, but after all these years it is still THE method for creating high-quality e-learning in a reliable, professional and repeatable way.

You can download the Dutch PDF version here.

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