Sep 5, 2008

CLO Magazine: outsourcing on decline,

From this edition of the (free) CLO magazine, I remember:

Training Outsourcing on the Decline: (probably US only, not sure?)
  • Decisions to outsource rests mainly on whether the needed volume and quality of training can be supported by internal staff.
  • The most important activities, according to CLOs, in the learning function are: custom content design, training delivery, strategy development, program oversight and learning technology management. Reporting and measurement came 6th.
  • The most outsourced activities, according to the same CLOs are: custom content development, training delivery, learning technology management, and only small portions of all the rest.
  • It seems that companies are using external training providers primarily for activities that are important but do not require the transfer of management authority.
IOL: Determining the impact of Learning
  • Like metrics for learning or not, but you need to justify it somehow to upper management. Total students trained or course smileys says little on impact.
  • ROI is often designed too complex but might work.
  • Another way is to go for the 'Impact of Learning' or IOL instead of the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • There are these three basic steps to IOL as a way to demonstrate the value of learning: insight - individual - impact
  • And I still would like to see a complete example before I'm intelectually capable of understanding this approach
Creative destruction in the learning industry

  • Disposable technology demands faster and more relevant learning than what can be designed and delivered using old ADDIE methodologies of yesterday. (Connie Twynham)

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