Sep 10, 2008

Companies say: who's wants a lobotomy?

This is how a lot of companies act lately:

"Hi young graduate, would you like to come and work for us? You get a nice car, a laptop, a challenging environment and lots of growing opportunities. The only thing we ask for in return is you have a lobotomy."

Now honestly, would you consider? And this is in fact how too many are welcoming the new generation in our organizations. I'm talking about all those policies to ban social networking and instant messaging from the workplace "because they hurt productivity". That is not wise. Here's why: people entering the workforce are used to finding the answers they need via their network. Your brain is what is inside your own head PLUS what your contacts know. And in a world of constant change and information overload, that is actually the best you can do. Half of your knowledge or more is in your network. So, cut that off at the office, make sure that you only can rely on the stuff in your own head, and you might as well get a lobotomy. It reminds me of the times companies didn't want to allow Internet access to their employees "because it hurts productivity". It doesn't, and IM or social network sites don't either. In fact, you would do well to implement it within your organisation. Get it or don't get it.

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