Mar 15, 2009

e-books might get a whole new meaning (semblio)

Microsoft is working on Semblio. Currently it's a SDK (software development kit) that makes educational content on it's .NET plaform and sliverlight frameworks. But in 2010 it should get included in the new version of Office and become accessible for teachers to assemble new content and quizzes in lessons.

The demo looks good, it is very engaging content with a lot of potential. That is, if Microsoft can convince book publishers to go to new waters and make decent e-books that are not PDF versions of their paper cousins. But than again, a lot of publishers are firmly entering the e-learning arena. (Bertelsman with, television stations as discovery channel that set up educational sites, etc) It's a late entry compared to schools and corporations, but a significant one that can redirect our current thinking on e-learning and established content formats.

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