Mar 25, 2009

Stealing from children, and educating in return

The learning field is a broad one. So broad you have to focus. So I chose my focus on corporate learning. Not that I don't care about lifelong learning, school education and giving people equal opportunities through education. It's just that I can't follow it all. This article will be an exception, but I need to get it off my chest.

We are stealing from our children. This economic crisis cuts deep in government budgets, and guess who will repay that one day? We are borrowing that money from our children who will pay taxes to finance our current mess. Actually, we are borrowing without their consent, so the proper term for that is stealing.

What value are we giving them in return? I will not exaggerate and say we leave them a screwed up planet, but the least you can say is we used up more of it than was our fair share, and triggered the planet's climate system to find a new balance. We leave them a financial burden.
Maybe the most valuable and lasting thing we will leave them, is education. If we do the utmost we can today in our schools, universities and employment programs so they can look back and say they got great value from their education that set them of and lasted for life, we might have made up for the stealing.

It's why I get so upset when I read about education that just isn't living up to expectations. It might be the one lasting value we give them in return. How do you recognize those institutions and countries that don't live up? They are the ones not asking the question on what they leave the children with, but got stuck in their own system, beliefs and comforts.

As I said in the beginning, I'm not anyone to talk about education. It's not my field. My friend works as a secondary school teacher, and I see the despair and frustration in his eyes anytime we go to a reception and meet up with a random bunch of people all so knowledgeable on how schools are bad and how they need to change. I'm not going to do that. But I am going to plea for all people that are in the education field to please please please do everything it takes to give our children the biggest value possible.

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