Mar 25, 2009

Learning on the cheap: sliderocket and WiZiQ

Just a few more tools in the 'learning on the cheap' series:

- : this must be by far the nicest online presentation authoring tool I've seen. I'm just wowed by it. (But I must admit I use Google Docs presentations for now because they are integrated and I don't need to make really fancy looking ones - yet.) Lately, I found a renewed interest in slide-based learning. Like many I turned away from it years ago because of the 'death by bullet point' syndrome. But when you use the presentation tools right, you get fantastic results as this site and samples on prove.

- : aimed at the education world, but interesting for corporations too. This tool lets people teach and learn via online classes, tests and content sharing. It's like a market place where people with an urge to know will find people with the desire to share/teach. Supply meets demand. X marks the spot. The economist in me likes it.

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