Dec 10, 2008

6C learning framework adjusted

I just never got around to make the changes till now. The original 6C learning framework dates back 4 years and was based on (e)learning projects I was doing at the time and my thesis at the Vlerick school. Things have shifted from that time. So I did some updates to the wording of the 6 attention areas of the framework. It's not making the framework fundamentally different, just more adjusted to current thinking.

The framework just puts forward 6 attention areas you need to address in learning projects. How you fill it up is entirely based on your best judgment.

1C - Concept
Answer this question: what makes learning matter? What's the vision? Goal?

2C - Computer Infrastructure
Get the fundamentals right, think about your learning infrastructure. This means technology.
(Still looking for a better term that also starts with a C, any suggestions?)

3C - Content
What is it about? Get in relevant, good quality, to the point content.

4C - Context (previously known as Culture and Attitude)
Put the content in the right context, adapt for personal goals and company or general culture. Make it relevant to the job and community. Connect with previous knowledge and future application of the learning.

5C - Collaboration (previously known as Coaching)
Collaborate with experts (coaching) or peers (social networks). Learning is a social activity.

6C - Coordination (previously known as Coordination and Control)
Now steer the whole thing and monitor. Loop back to the concept and fix if the goals are not reached or not in an optimal way.

I still need to update the 6C learning site itself, but I'm not sure that is still going to be in 2008...

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