Dec 3, 2008

Online Educa Berlin braindump: day minus one

Tomorrow the conference starts, but today was the pre-workshop day. I attended a workshop by Jay Cross on informal learning. And when it arrives, get his book on informal learning too. During lunch I attended a press conference in German, believe it or not.

First: Berlin is always a great place to visit this time of year, and it looked like it was going to snow, but it turned out just thick rain.

Now for the braindump of what I remember of today and scribbled (oh, I usually scribble quotes or catchy phrases):
- There is a great video on YouTube by the comedian Guido Sarducci on education, need to look that one up.
- informal learning = natural learing = fun
- management 2.0 : find out yourself how to connect the dots
- don't concentrate on the individual, but on people working together
- Nodes want to connect / hiearchies are unstable
- there is no difference in learning and teaching
- it's ok to lurk (= hang around), you also learn from that
- Something they do at La Caixa (Barcelona): have project blogs maintained by the project manager - sounds like a really good idea for internal project communication
- Swiss study: the most enjoyed informal learning what also with the least learning outcome. (!?)
- 70/20/10 rule : 70 percent of learning is from working with it / 20 percent learn through others, 10% formal learning via courses and the likes

And I also learned that this year my attention span to listen to speakers that don't use images has dropped to a minute or a few minutes at most. Then my minds starts wandering away on me. Need to watch that.

Well, off to the speakers reception now!

PS If all bloggers would kindly tag their Online Educa Berlin posts with oeb08, we can consolidate that faster for the big battle of the blogger session at the end on Friday.

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