Dec 19, 2008

Facebook on the workfloor: the numbers

I read a lot of companies ban Facebook access for their employees because 'non productive'. It reminds me of the times companies banned Internet access alltogether because 'non productive' and 'not work related'. We'll need to go through the same with social software. Yes, it can be misused. So? Not allowing people to interact with their network is cutting them from half of their knowledge (a lobotomy as I call it). Ask for responsible use, make a code, track abuse. But don't just cut it...

Anyway, some numbers on Facebook usage on the workfloor from this week's edition of Vacature:
- 18% uses Facebook at work more than half an hour a day
- 29% says their boss knows they use Facebook at work
- 57% has both personal and professional friends in their network
- 17% has their boss added to their friends list
- 34% of hr people screen candidates on Facebook

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