Apr 25, 2007

SAP and Adobe join forces for SAP Enterprise Learning

Giants Adobe and SAP will work together on a new product called SAP Enterprise Learning. It is due in the 3th quarter. SAP will also start reselling the Adobe Connect (formerly called Breezer I believe) products. SAP already is reseller for the RWD Infopak simulation authoring tool.

With this move once again a major ERP player is positioning itself further in the enterprise learning market. It makes sense and we all knew this was coming. After all, learning is being freed from its silo and increasingly integrated into the (HR) processes of a company. So far SAP has not been very succesful in persuading organisations to move to its LMS solution because it is perceived by the market as 'not good enough yet'. That might change when SAP seeks more and more partnerships with established players in the field. After all, there are enormeous benefits in buying one big package from your ERP vendor that includes learning out of the box and is integrated with existing databases.

It is an interesting move and the future will tell if the future for learning systems will be for the big ERP players such as Oracle or SAP, or stay within the hands of established players such as Saba, SumTotal etc who themselves are moving towards the more general HR field.

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