Apr 24, 2007

What is your ideal blend?

According to statistics from ASTD instructor-led training (ILT) dropped from 80% in 1999 to about 61-68% in 2005. The use of e-learning rose from about 8% in 1999 to 28-38% in 2005. So roughly speaking the blend of ILT versus e-learning in the learning offering mix went from 80/20 to about 70/30 in five years time.

This shift will continue for some more time, but eventually stabilize. So maybe it is time to think about what would be the ideal blend for your organisation?

I know for example here at IBM we are about 50-50 and want to keep it that way. There are no plans to increase the level of e-learning delivered education because we think we are at the right mix for our company, content type, cost and audience.

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