Apr 10, 2007

Survey: more e-learning

Novation Group did a survey among +2000 HR professionals. They report that they are under pressure to reduce the time-away of the employee and increase the bottom line accountability of learning. No surprises there, these are trends we see for some time now.

Here are some trends on the rise:
  • More online/e-learning: 57 percent
  • Greater effort to quantify results of training/development: 42 percent
  • Increased on-the-job training: 41 percent
  • Personal coaching: 35 percent
  • Fewer classroom hours/more condensed classroom time: 30 percent
  • Outsourcing of trainers/facilitation resources: 25 percent
  • More podcasting: 10 percent
I note that blending education with forms of e-learning is rising (as predicted), the ROI focus is getting stronger (as predicted), and learning is more embedded on the job rather than an island on its own (as predicted). I'm surprised at the strong trend for outsourcing (25%). But it is on a lot of agenda's so I guess we'll see a lot of that happening in the years to come.

But stay real people, because classroom training isn't going anywhere. It still holds a strong unquestionable first position.

  • Classroom training (instructor-led): 87 percent
  • On-the-job (OTJ) training: 79 percent
  • Seminars/webinars: 78 percent
  • Coaching/mentoring: 66 percent
  • e-learning/self-paced study: 64 percent
  • University programs: 33 percent
  • Simulations: 22 percent

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